Kitchen Cabinet In Singapore – How To Maintain 1?

Unless you enjoy constantly replacing your kitchen cabinet in Singapore to own the latest trends, it is important to make the cabinets looking great so that they can last for more years. Cabinets play an important role in the kitchen as they house different items, including cooking utensils, plates, silverware, glasses, food, and more. If cabinets are not well-maintained, they will be damaged over time. When the kitchen cabinets are no longer usable, it means you need to buy new ones.

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Keeping the kitchen cabinets looking at their best and highly functional requires some degree of maintenance. Cleaning is the ultimate key to making the cabinetry stay beautiful all the time. So, if you want your kitchen cabinets to serve you for more years, here are some maintenance tips you can follow.

Regular Dusting

Kitchen cabinets are prone to accumulating lots of dust. When left uncleaned, the dust will become hard and thick, making them hard to remove. This is why regular dusting is high advisable using a soft, clean cotton cloth. You can find different packaged dusting sheets or pre-moistened dusting sheets, but you need to check first if these are suitable for your furniture and don’t contain any chemicals that can damage the cabinet. Avoid using aerosol dusting products instead use a microfiber cloth and water.

Neglecting to wipe the cabinets even just for a couple of days may produce sticky, hard-to-remove layer of gunk covering the furniture.

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Cleaning Glass Doors

If your kitchen cabinet in Singapore features glass doors, you need to take extra care during cleaning. It is recommended to use ammonia-free glass cleaner and spray it directly on a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using rough cloth as they might leave scratches on the glass doors. Commonly, people spray the cleaner directly on the glass, however, this is not a good practice. It could over spray and might damage the cabinetry or seep behind the window dividers. If a soft cloth is not available, you can also use a paper towel.

Use A Clean Soft Cloth

Ideally, you should use a soft cotton cloth dampened with warm water when cleaning the kitchen cabinet. This cleaning material is usually enough to clean cabinets. If a rigorous cleaning is required, you may consider using a fresh solution of mild hand dishwashing liquid combined with warm water. After cleaning the cabinets, you should wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth and then dry immediately using another clean cloth.

Avoid Light Damage

When cabinets are exposed directly to sunlight, chances are, the colour of the natural wood products will darken or the painted wood will fade away. So to keep your kitchen cabinets beautiful, you should shield them from the direct rays of the sun by acquiring blinds or drapes.

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Don't Use Harmful Cleaning Products

One way to prolong the life of your kitchen cabinet is using the right type of cleaning products. For basic cleaning or dusting, you can use dampened cloth. Meanwhile, there are cleaning products that should be avoided such as the following:

        Harsh detergents, abrasive cleaning products, and sink cleaners

        Sponges or dishcloths, which may contain sharp particles that can scratch the cabinets

        Solvent-based or petroleum based products

        Ammonia products


        Wax or polishing products

Don't Use Harmful Cleaning Products

All these products can cause damage to your valuable kitchen cabinets in the long run.