Pole System Wardrobe

Over at InnoCloset, we specialise in the design and build of custom made walk-in pole system wardrobe. With our years of experience in the walk in wardrobe industry, we endeavor to provide our clients with the best product, fitted to suit their stringent requirements, all at a surprisingly comfortable price.

Our complete range of wardrobe services includes but are not limited to the below:

  • Design and fabrication of system wardrobes
  • Pole system wardrobe
  • Walk in wardrobe
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Study room design
  • Closet design
  • Fabrication of wardrobe of various sizes and carpentry works

What are some of the advantages of engaging InnoCloset as your Walkin Wardrobe Specialist?

1) Customise to your liking – If you need extra space for your books or other collectibles, fret no more! InnoCloset can customize your wardrobe to fit your needs. All our shelves and pole system wardrobe are 100% customized to fit your requirements. If you need more space, simply add a modular unit into the pole system and there you go, no troublesome carpentry work needed from you.

2) High Durability – Durability of your pole system wardrobe means you get a much better Return-On-Investment (ROI) for your initial investment. Our pole system wardrobe are sleek and easy on the eye. It can withstand heavy usage and thus, rest assured if you are heavy items to be placed in your house!

3) Adjustability – Our pole system wardrobe allows you to customize your needs based on the items you want to lay. For example, you might want to have shelving solutions for your books, photographs or even clothing! We can assist with that by simplying customize your pole system. (You don’t have to pile your books on top of one another anymore!)

For more information, do call InnoCloset at +65 6844 3513 !