Benefits Of Using Pole System Wardrobe Singapore


Searching for a spacious walk-in wardrobe? Luxury of space is what most people in Singapore desire the most. If you think about it, a walk-in closet in a small home seems difficult to achieve, but in reality, it is very feasible. Using a pole system wardrobe in Singapore and proper space planning, you can have a spacious closet in your own room.

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A pole system wardrobe is widely used these days, specifically in small homes, to maximise space. This type of wardrobe looks pretty modest but can provide reliable functionality similar to conventional wardrobe style. To help you decide if pole system wardrobe is ideal for you and your space, here are some benefits you will likely enjoy from choosing it.

Can Be Customised

One great advantage of using a pole system wardrobe is that it can be customised depending on your needs. If you require more hanging spaces or drawers or shelving, you can change it to suit the kind of clothes you want to store. Meanwhile, if you need additional pigeon holes for your shoes, hats, scarves or accessories, the pole system can be easily customised to match your needs. Indeed the pole system is very flexible.

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Come In Different Sizes

Pole system wardrobe comes in many different sizes to provide more choices. A small pole system provides enough room for just one person while a large pole system can be similar to the size of a bedroom. This is why it is very important to consider the size of the room when configuring the closet to come up with the best wardrobe setup. It is vital to understand the benefits of different wardrobe sizes. For instance, if you choose to have a large walk-in wardrobe, it will provide you more space and a dressing area. Meanwhile, the small wardrobe will only give you space for your clothes and accessories.

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Can Be Used In Many Design Ideas


● Small pole system walk-in wardrobe. If you have a small space in your room, you may opt to have a small pole system. This type only allows you to do certain activities since there is not much space. One way to maximise the space of small pole system, you must leave the centre area clear and free of anything. Store your things vertically on the shelves and hang accessories on the hooks.


● Medium-size pole system closet. If you choose to have the medium-size wardrobe, you will have sufficient room to walk around the area. In fact, you can even divide the space into two parts for different functions. One of the best designs you can follow is adding a seating space or bench at the central area. Another way to customise your pole system wardrobe is by installing a mirror to the door. It allows you to check your outfit before leaving the room.


● Large walk-in closet. A large walk-in closet offers you a lot of room. In fact, it can be as big as the bedroom. Most of the large wardrobes are part of the master bedrooms. Large walk-in wardrobe can be split up into multiple sections to function different purposes. As simple as adding a bench can already do the work of separating the closet into different areas. You can have a space for storing and wearing shoes. Moreover, you can allocate a makeup station with a table, chair and a vanity mirror. A large pole system wardrobe in Singapore offers so many features that let you experiment based on your needs and wants.