Singapore Study Room Design – Small Design


Looking for some inspirations on how to decorate your small study room? When it comes to ideas for study room design in Singapore, there are numerous options you can decide on. The study room serves as a place where children can study, do home works, perform computer work, read, and create projects and arts privately without being disturbed. It is an important part of the house and should exude a welcoming atmosphere to encourage children to use it more often.

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study room design in Singapore tips

If the study room is small, there are things you can carry out to make it a good place for children to do schoolwork. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make the room look pleasing and child-friendly. The most important thing is that the study room should be comfortable enough for the kids and must provide the needed privacy.

Here are some practical solutions for small study room design in Singapore.

● It is highly advisable to adopt a minimalist style. If a room is small, you need to simplify everything as much as possible. Don’t over decorate the study room by placing too many furniture and decorations. Overloading the room with so many things can make it look even smaller and disorganised. Just place what is needed. No unnecessary things mean less or no distractions.

● The study room design should reflect the character and individuality of the users. Since kids will be using the room more often, you can use their favourite colour on the wall. It must be decorated and furnished in a way that enables the children to feel comfortable and productive while doing their projects inside the room. The study room design doesn’t have to be boring and austere.

● Make the most of a narrow and small room by incorporating open shelves and wall-mounted furniture. Furnish the wall with a long, wall-mounted cabinet or shelving. You can add in storage cubbies to accommodate books, a few decorations, and desk accessories. Built-in bookshelves can indeed ensure the floor is kept clear from any things. As a result, the room can feel spacious and contemporary. Moreover, you can also place a minimalist wall-mounted desk and a chair or stool that fit perfectly underneath. Wall-mounted furniture can give you plenty of space for everything.

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● Another way to use the wall, especially if it has a difficult shape, is by installing a custom bookcase. A customised bookcase or shelving can cover the entire wall and can become the primary storage element in the study room. Your children can place their books and other school materials in the customised cabinet. This type of study room design is ideal to those who have a large collection of books.

● Use a simple kind of desk in the study room. Avoid bulky desk and chair, rather choose a desk that only features a worktop with no storage compartments or drawers underneath to maximise the space below it. Your kids can use the open shelving to store their things instead of inside the drawers.

● Keep the study room clutter free. A small room can look pleasing and feel comfortable if it is free from any clutter. An organised study room means that everything is at their proper places including the books, and you can’t see objects scattered on the floor.

study room design in Singapore for small space

● A clever tip in decorating a small study room is to display the books like an artwork. You can arrange the books in a colour-coded pattern, starting with the lightest at the top and working your way down for a graduated effect. Displaying the books like a masterpiece eliminates the need to add more decoration in the room. It’s a simple idea for a small study room design in Singapore.