Study Room In Singapore – Effective & Interesting Design

Study room plays an integral part of the house. Children perform their school works and projects in the study room without being disturbed, which is why it should have a relaxing design to help motivate the kids to do best. So if you are looking for a unique study room design in Singapore, we have listed down the most effective designs that you may want to consider.

study room design in Singapore 1 

Colourful Study Room

Colourful designs and elaborate wall murals help bring in a sense of playfulness inside the study room. Your children will surely enjoy studying and doing other projects if they feel comfortable in the room. To achieve a colourful study room design in Singapore, you can add items in different shades, such as pencil holders, book stoppers, books, cushions, and frames. You may also start a project involving your kids - ask them to paint on their favourite cartoon character on the wall.

study room design in Singapore 2 

Bright Furnishing Study Room

Similar to colourful designs, adding bright furnishings help in creating a unique kids’ study room. Your child will surely enjoy doing school works if his or her table and chair come in his or her favourite colour. Bright furniture can exude a comfortable and cosy ambience, enticing the kids to use it more often. You can paint the bookshelves or the drawers in different colours, like green, blue and yellow. These coloured furnishings can make a huge difference in the overall look of the room. This simple study room design in Singapore may seem basic, but you’ll be surprised how effective it is in improving the look and feel of the room.

study room design in Singapore 3 

When it comes to designing your child’s study room, don’t be scared to try different things. In fact, you can even ask your child to help you out in the planning stage so that the design will reflect what he or she truly wants.