Unique Wardrobe Design In Singapore – Some Ideas For You

It is difficult to imagine a bedroom without a wardrobe; in fact, there are bedrooms with more than one wardrobe to match needs of the owners. Some have a simple wardrobe design in Singapore while others have a large and well-designed closet.

unique wardrobe design in Singapore 

Wardrobes are extremely important in every bedroom since it accommodates our clothes, shoes, accessories and other personal items. However, the wardrobe is more than just a storage space for outfits considering that it also serves as a decorative piece in our bedroom. You can find wardrobes in a wide diversity of styles, materials, sizes, colours and designs. So, if you are looking for a unique wardrobe design in Singapore, here are some ideas to inspire you.

    • Sliding Wardrobe

      Got a limited space? Then sliding wardrobe is a perfect option for you. With a sliding door, it doesn’t need large space whenever you open it to get your stuff. All you need to do is slide the door to the right or left, get whatever you need and then slide the door back to close it. It’s pretty simple isn’t? For a contemporary look, choose a sliding wardrobe made from wood. It will surely create a dramatic ambience inside your bedroom.

cost of wardrobe design in Singapore 

    • Wardrobe with TV Panel

      How would you like to have a wardrobe with a space for your flat screen television? It’s very practical since you won’t need to get another desk to hold your TV or to suspend it on the wall. This wardrobe design in Singapore is perfect to those who have a small bedroom - space saving! The TV will be strategically placed in the middle of the wardrobe facing your bed.

best wardrobe design in Singapore 

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  • Wardrobe with Mirrors -2 Sides

    Another unique design of wardrobe is the one with 2-side mirrors. You don’t need to buy separate mirror and place in your room which will just occupy space. Wardrobe with mirrors enables you to check your look without the need to walk to and from the mirror - it’s just in front of you. Two mirrors mean you will never miss anything wrong in your outfit. In addition, this unique wardrobe design in Singapore can create an illusion of wider space, courtesy of the mirrors.