Walk-In Wardrobe – How To Design & Organise 1?

A walk-in wardrobe has a true feeling of luxury about them. It feels great to have your clothes, shoes, hats and accessories neatly stored and visible to you. However, being able to easily view your walk-in wardrobe does require some organization.

How to organise a neat walk-in wardrobe

Here are some solutions and wardrobe design suggestions to free up space to create a luxurious walk-in-wardrobe.

  1. Lighting: Dress in Style

    A wardrobe design should include Installing some good lighting as it is an important feature to consider in clothing closets so you can see colors accurately. If your walk-in wardrobe has a window, install a light-blocking shade to prevent clothing items from fading in the sun.

    A beautiful and well design walk-in wardrobe

  2. Hanging Items

    Do you have a lot of clothes that need to live on hangers? Consider devoting an entire wall of your closet to clothing rods. This will free up space for surrounding shelves and storage solutions. Maximize your closet's height with a double-rod closet organizer. Organize shorter clothes, such as blouses and tank tops, on the upper bar, and pants and skirts below..

  3. Folded Items

    Reserve shelf space for folded garments, such as T-shirts and sweaters, that don't necessarily need to be hanged. Ventilated shelves allow clothes to air out so they are less likely to harbor mold and pests.

  4. Storing Shoes

    Before deciding how to store your shoes, take a meticulous inventory of your shoes. Your wardrobe design for shoe storage can have many options -- from small cubbies to spacious pullout shelves. Keeping shoes visible, sorted, and easy to access encourages an efficient morning and cleanup routine. Slender shoes, such as flats and flip-flops, can fit two to a cubby. Tall boots can sit atop high shelves when out of season and on boot trays on the floor when worn frequently.

  5. Accessories Ideas

    Accessories come in all shapes and sizes, calling for a personalized storage system to accommodate every little thing. If your walk-in wardrobe system doesn’t include drawers, baskets are another method for storing scarves, belts, headbands, purses and other accessories. Make sure your shelves are adjusted to a height that allows the baskets to slide in easily, leaving a few inches of room on top (in case you need to readjust shelves later on).