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A spacious walk in wardrobe is a dream for many families and for women. A few men who like to be fashionable and stylish may also want to have one. It’s a good thing if you are living in a huge house since space wouldn’t be a problem. But if you have a limited space, it follows that your wardrobe is also restricted. This is a big challenge for many people who dwell in small apartments or HDB, so we have come up with some tips on how to get a stylish and space saving walk in wardrobe in Singapore.

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    • Assess the Mess - Categorise your closet contents to determine which things you need to keep and what stuff needs to go. Throw or give away those outfits or accessories that you no longer use. If you are unsure, ask yourself when was the last time you touch or use it and if you will be using it again soon. If there are things you will not be using anymore, it’s time to let them go.

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    • Shelve the Shoes - Instead of keeping all your shoes, high heels, and other types of footwear inside their box, why not get a vertical shoe rack inside your closet? This one furniture can accommodate many of your shoes so you will be able to save space inside the walk in wardrobe in Singapore. You can purchase inexpensive shoe rack models, with metal frames or you may consider having a pocket-action type.


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  • Keep your Case - One of the many things that occupy a lot of space in the closet is the case or luggage. In small homes, suitcases usually end up crowding the walk in wardrobe instead of your important stuff. So to save additional space, why not put things inside the cases? Store those items that you don’t use daily or you only use seasonally inside the cases. You’ll be able to free some space as you remove the unused things at the same time utilise the empty suitcases. In fact, your suitcases make a perfect storage for guest linens or extra blankets. Hence, even if your walk in wardrobe in Singapore is small, you’ll have enough space for your stuff.